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Recovering at Cashmere

Recovering at Cashmere

Helen Reston is now living at home again after using Cashmere Home's health recovery service.
Helen Reston is now living at home again after using Cashmere Home’s health recovery service.

When 72-year-old Kilbirnie resident Helen Reston was struck with an illness that saw her spending six weeks in hospital, she needed to recover before she could return home again.

That’s when she found Enliven’s Cashmere Home in Johnsonville, a home that helped her to regain her independence through their specialised health recovery service.

“I was in bed-ridden and I lost my mobility. I wasn’t sick enough to stay in hospital but I wasn’t well enough to go home, so I moved into Cashmere,” Helen explains.

“I didn’t know what to expect going into a rest home, but I was quite pleased. I thought the care was very nice, all the staff were very good and I liked the environment, but I was determined to go home.”

Helen says returning home again was her goal, so she focused on rehabilitation and health recovery with help from Enliven staff.

“Everyone wants to live in their own homes. It’s about having independence and having the lifestyle that you’re used to, and it’s the home where I brought my family up – I’ve lived in my home for 40 years!”

In February this year Helen became well enough to return home again.

“I was happy to be going home but it was a bit sad leaving. I had found living at Cashmere really good and I had gotten to know the people there, but it’s good to be home.”

Shereen Singh, care manager Cashmere Home and Cashmere Heights Home, says health recovery gives people the support they need to get back on their feet again.

“They live worry free at our homes so they can truly concentrate on getting better. We take care of their entire wellbeing so they can recover at a pace that’s right for them.”

She says the ability for people to rehabilitate is helped along by the Eden Alternative, a unique model of care used by all Enliven Homes.

“Our Eden model of care really does play a large part in rehabilitation, even if residents don’t realise it. It’s not just about physiotherapy, it’s about taking care of the spiritual side, and making sure they don’t feel lonely, helpless, or like their life doesn’t have meaning.”

Johnsonville’s Cashmere Home and Cashmere Heights Home are operated by Enliven, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central, and specialise in rest home, hospital, respite and health recovery care.

For more information about Cashmere Home or Cashmere Heights Home, both located on Helston Road in Johnsonville, or other Enliven services in Wellington, call 0800 36 54 83 (that’s 0800 ENLIVEN).

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