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Don loves his Reevedon villa
Don loves his Reevedon villa

When considering residential options for your twilight years, many people immediately think ‘rest homes’. But 92-year-old Levin local Don Hutchins is now a firm believer in considering all the options.

In 2013 a fall at home convinced Mr Hutchins he’d have to move into a rest home.

“I thought the natural progression at my age was to move into a rest home. But everyone kept telling me a retirement village would be a better option…and they were right!”

Now, Mr Hutchins is a huge fan of Reevedon Retirement Village, by Enliven Central.

“I’m really glad I made the move. I already knew many of the other village residents here, plus the villa is just the right size for me, it’s in Salisbury Street so it’s close to town, and it was a great price.”

He explains that while his address changed when he moved to the retirement village, his lifestyle didn’t.

“I still do everything I did before I moved here, I just have less cleaning to do!” he says. “I play lawn bowls in the afternoon to keep active and I walk to the shops because they’re so close. I’ve also made friends with my neighbours as lots of them have the same interests as me.”

Enliven Central’s Joanna Thomson, who manages Reevedon Village explains Enliven can provide a full range of services and support for older people in Levin.

“Enliven offers a practical home-help service called Community Support, as well as the Reevedon Retirement Village in Salisbury Street and rest home, hospital and dementia care services over two sites – Reevedon Home and Levin Home.”

“It’s the perfect option for anyone thinking about both the support they need now, and what they might need in the future. It’s also perfect for couples who need different levels of support,” says Ms Thomson.

For more information about Enliven’s services call 0800 ENLIVEN (0800 365 4836) or visit one of the Reevedon Retirement Village Open Days, held on the second Friday of each month. Call the Village sales agent, Allan, on 06 366 0444 to find out more.

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