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Reevedon Village; no worries

Reevedon Village; no worries

Reevedon Village resident Wynne Bullen.
Reevedon Village resident Wynne Bullen.

For 96-year-old Wynne Bullen, mowing the lawns and taking care of the property maintenance had become a real nuisance in her retirement.

That’s until she moved to Enliven’s Reevedon Retirement Village in Levin.

Wynne says she chose to move to Reevedon Village 13 years ago because she was finding it increasingly difficult managing on her own.

“Things were piling up for me at home and as you get older you just can’t cope with it all,” Wynne explains.

“You realise that there’s things you can’t do anymore, so why not shift somewhere where things are done for you?”

She says the location of Reevedon Village is what set it apart from the rest.

“I looked around for retirement villages in Levin and this village was the handiest place to town – everything is a short walk away.”

Not that Wynne needs to go anywhere in order to enjoy the company of others.

Reevedon Home next door is a happy place and there’s always something going on. And I get on famously with my neighbours – I like having people around.”

As well as enjoying the companionship at Reevedon Village, Wynne says it gives her complete peace of mind.

“I feel safe here. We keep an eye on each other and security comes around each night, not to mention they can arrange to send a nurse over from next door [Reevedon Home] if I’m unwell,” says Wynne.

“The staff are very kind, I told them that I’m coming to Reevedon Home to live when I can no longer cope, but until then I’ll live independently for as long as I can.”

For anyone looking at retirement options, Wynne recommends to make the move before things become too much.

“It’s about knowing you don’t have the responsibility of the upkeep and you don’t need to worry about doing the lawns, gardening or maintenance,” Wynne explains.

“I’ve been very happy here; I think it’s the best move I’ve made.”

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