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Residents call the shots
Doreen Burgess at Coombrae Home
Doreen Burgess at Coombrae Home

At Enliven we recognise that moving into residential care can be a difficult time, and work hard to make sure that our resident’s new home really does feel like home.

We take time to remember that our residential care homes are not simply a place where our staff go to work, they are our resident’s homes, where they eat, sleep and live their lives. Because of this, we encourage residents to help make the important decisions in their home.

Day to day decisions, such as what time to have breakfast, which activities to spend the day enjoying, or where to go on an outing, are all made by our residents.

At Coombrae Home in Feilding, residents are also helping to make the much bigger decisions, such as what their home looks like, and who should be employed to support them. Resident Doreen Burgess plays an important role as a member of the team who interview new staff.

“I think that it is really important to have a resident on the interview panel” says Doreen. “This is our home, and it is important that we feel safe and happy with the staff who care for us.”

Doreen says that whilst the management team asks the technical questions about the qualifications and experience of the prospective staff member, she is there to ask questions which will affect her and the other residents directly.

“At the age of 90 I’ve got a lot of years of experience behind me and I’m good at getting a feel for whether a person is good or bad. I ask questions to find out whether the person is caring and will make us feel valued – these things are important when the person will be working in our home” says Doreen.

Most recently, Doreen was part of the team who interviewed Coombrae Home’s new Manager, Kelsey Smith.

“It was a pleasure to be interviewed by a resident – after all, they are the ones that we are here to support, so their opinions are very important” she says.

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