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Second home found at Kandahar

Second home found at Kandahar

Kandahar Home respite resident Keith Neal.
Kandahar Home respite resident Keith Neal.

For Masterton resident Keith Neal, respite care at Kandahar Home is a short-term change of address, not a change in lifestyle.

Keith spends 10 days of each month at Enliven’s Kandahar Home in Masterton and says it has become his second home.

“I’ve been coming for respite at Kandahar for just over a year and I love it. Coming here gives my wife a rest and I look forward to coming each month.”

As a keen artist with numerous projects on the go at once, Keith says at Kandahar he is encouraged and supported to continue with his art.

“Everyone is so interested in what my next art project is going to be. They’ve given me a room to use as an art studio which is perfect because I can leave projects there when I go home and they’re waiting for me when I come back. It saves me from having to cart things back and forward.”

This means Keith is able to work on his long-term mannequin project at Kandahar.

“I’ve been working on a mosaic mannequin piece here for over three months and it’ll take about six more. The glue takes a long time to dry so it’s great that I can leave it here.”

Keith says he enjoys coming to Kandahar for respite because the staff treat him like an independent and capable person, not a hospital patient.

“I’ve had respite elsewhere and it was just so clinical. At Kandahar all my medical needs are taken care of but they don’t make me feel like a patient. I have the freedom to do what I want here.”

Kandahar Home manager Mike Keyworth says Kandahar prides itself on supporting people to continue with their hobbies and maintain their independence and routines in a way that’s right for the individual.

“Here we embrace an elder-directed model of care called the Eden Alternative. That means we take a holistic view to caring for and supporting our residents and respite visitor.”

Eden Alternative principles touch on things such as variety and spontaneity, companionship, contact with children and animals, continuing hobbies and meaningful activity.

“Medical treatment is part of the support we provide, not the whole focus. The focus is on the resident and what they need as an individual,” Mike explains.

“For Keith, continuing with his art is important to him, so we do whatever we can to support him. Living in a rest home should just be a change of address, not a change of lifestyle.”

Keith’s artwork can be purchased from King St Artworks at 16 Queen Street in Masterton. For more information about Kandahar, click here.

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