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Surprise party at Longview

Surprise party at Longview

Betty Packer_Longview Home
Longview resident Betty Packer with her niece, Cheryl Jones.

Tawa retiree Betty Packer stepped into Enliven’s Longview Home 15 years ago and she hasn’t looked back since.

Tuesday 20 January marked 15 years of residence at Enliven’s Longview Home for Betty, who was surprised with a special celebration.

Betty was presented with a long-service certificate and a decorated cake with her name on it, followed by a performance by her favourite Country and Western musical entertainers and afternoon tea.

Longview recreation officer Marlene Bowles says the home organised the celebration to recognise the time Betty has lived at the home.

“We wanted to do something special for her. Fifteen years is a long time for a resident to live here and she has become part of the home,” Marlene explains.

“Betty was very complimentary to us at the long service awards last year and told us it was something to be proud of. She also reminded us that 2015 would mark her 15 years of living at Longview, which means she has been here for longer than many of the staff!”

Betty’s niece Cheryl Jones who attended the celebration says Betty’s relationship with Longview began after she had respite care there.

“Betty lived with us for many years and before that she lived with mum and dad. She was relatively young, but she had special needs so she moved into Longview.”

Cheryl says moving into Longview meant Betty’s parents were able to have a break.

“They were dedicated carers and they were wonderful at it, but they needed to concentrate on looking after themselves.”

Fifteen years later, Betty is enjoying life at Longview while her family enjoys peace of mind.

“We just know she’s being totally taken care of,” says Cheryl. “Working in residential care needs to be a passion for people, and that’s what I’ve noticed with the staff here – it’s not just a job to them. It’s wonderful that they organised this celebration for Betty and it’s something she will always remember.”

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