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A tap on my shoulder

dad-and-babyIt was a tap on her shoulder that reminded social worker Carole* why Family Works services are so important.

The tap came from a young mum carrying a little girl. ‘Are you Carole?’ she asked. ‘I’m Charmaine*, my partner Josef* used to come and see you at the centre!’

Carole remembered Josef. When he’d been referred to the centre he was prospecting for a gang. Like many troubled teens it was the only family he knew. His childhood had been filled with neglect, poverty, drugs, alcohol and abuse. He’d dropped out of school, was using drugs and spent his time committing crime.

At the time Josef wouldn’t commit to planned sessions, so Carole spent time tracking him down and slowly building up a trusting relationship. Eventually Josef began coming to the centre where he shared his stories and explored the issues affecting him. Carole arranged alcohol and drug counselling and helped him deal with the anger and grief inside him. The last time she’d seen Josef he was even looking for a job.

“Jo often talks about you and how much the centre helped him,” Charmaine continued. “You really understood him.”

‘How is Josef?’ Carole asked.

“He’s great! He’s an awesome dad. He’s handed back his [gang] patch, he’s loving his job and playing rugby, and he’s not using [drugs] anymore! We’re so happy,” exclaimed Charmaine.

These happy endings are why Family Works services are crucial to our communities and why your support is so important. It’s your donation that leads to these happy endings.

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