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More time for what you love at Reevedon Village

More time for what you love at Reevedon Village

Reevedon Village residents George and Rosalie Masson.

Retirement should be about enjoying the things you love without having to worry.

That’s according to Levin couple, George and Rosalie Masson, who say making the move to Enliven’s Reevedon Village in Levin is allowing them to do just that.

The couple was curious about the popular Enliven village after hearing raving reviews from a friend who lived there, so they decided to go along to an open day, George explains.

“We had a good set up where we were living in Levin but when we came to an open home here we realised it was a very reasonable size and it was affordable,” says George.

George says he and his wife were also thinking of the future when they made the decision to move to Reevedon Village. The couple wanted to have a plan in place in case one of them ever needed additional care, which could be provided at the neighbouring Reevedon Home, also operated by Enliven.

“The main reason was looking ahead and also having less work to do, such as gardening. If anything it’s about having fewer problems,” says George.

“It was a pragmatic decision in a way but we loved the feel of this place. Everyone gets involved and gets together from the village. We’re handy to everything. It’s lovely and quiet too.”

Rosalie says they’re still leading the same lifestyle as before, but they feel they have a greater support network in place.

“We still do the things we’ve always done, and George has started helping out with bowls [at Reevedon Home] on Wednesdays and Fridays. I enjoy playing bowls there, too,” says Rosalie.

“Quite a lot of the other village residents go next door [to Reevedon Home] for bingo and other activities. They have van trips too. They went to Te Papa recently.”

The couple has only lived in their villa for six months but Rosalie says they have well and truly taken to the retirement village lifestyle at Reevedon Village.

“We love the atmosphere, the lovely people here and we love being so close to town,” says Rosalie.

“We’re glad we made the move. It’s home and we’re happy here.”

Reevedon Retirement Village is operated by Enliven, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central, and provides independent retirement living from 37 Salisbury Street in Levin, just a five minute walk from Levin’s main shopping centre.

For more information about Reevedon Village call the village sales agent, Allan Davidson, on 06 366 0444 or click here.

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