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Tools needed for Cashmere Home’s men’s shed
Cashmere Home now has its very own Men's Shed.
Cashmere Home now has its very own Men’s Shed.

The men of Enliven’s Cashmere Home in Johnsonville now have their very own men’s shed, but there’s something missing…the tools!

Cashmere Home’s men’s shed is a place for the home’s men to tinker with projects and spend time with their fellow men.

“It gives the men their own space. It will be like having a man cave!” explains Cashmere Home recreation officer Liz Rivadelo.

“Many of the men have trade backgrounds and they want to make wooden toys for children in need as well as gifts for their grandchildren. Their men’s shed will be a place where they can have a sense of achievement from doing something meaningful and giving back, while enjoying each others company.”

But Cashmere volunteer John Spittal says the shed is missing a vital component.

“Now we have the shed, all we need is the tools! We’re hoping that people in the community have some tools and materials lying around that they wouldn’t mind re-homing,” says John.

The residents are looking for tools such as hand drills and saws, hammers, rulers, plyers, screwdrivers, electric drills, a vice, saw horses, nails and screws.

“We’re looking for all manner of tools, as well as wood and materials,” says John
Cashmere Home is also on the lookout for male volunteers who are able to help with the men’s shed.

“We could do with a few guys to come in and help the men with their projects. It’s a great way to give back, and the men here are top blokes,” John explains.

“My mum lived here for 18 months and she passed away a month ago, but I wanted to keep in touch with the guys here that I have gotten to know, so I became a volunteer.”

The men’s shed will run alongside the home’s men’s group, which Cashmere volunteer Julian McCarthy says has been running for almost three years.

“We get together once a week for beer and chips and discuss what’s happening in the world. It’s like what you’d do in the pub on a Friday night.”

Cashmere Home and sister-site Cashmere Heights Home are both operated by Enliven, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central, and provide rest home, hospital, respite and health recovery care from Helston Road in Johnsonville.

For more information about Cashmere Home or Cashmere Heights Home, to make a donation of tools or to become a volunteer, call 04 477 7067, email cashmere@psc.org.nz or click here.

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