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Volunteer with Enliven

Volunteer with Enliven

Cashmere Heights recreation officer Wendy Sanderson and volunteer Tony Davidson
Cashmere Heights recreation officer Wendy Sanderson and volunteer Tony Davidson

If you have free time on your hands this year, why not donate it to people who have already given a lifetime of skills and knowledge to our communities? That’s the message from retiree Tony Davidson, who is encouraging more people to volunteer at Enliven’s rest homes.

Enliven, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central is looking for volunteers to bring more variety to their homes.

Tony has been a dedicated volunteer at Enliven’s Cashmere Heights Home for three years and says volunteering is a chance to give back to the community.

“It’s about being able to do something for someone else, particularly people who aren’t able to do it for themselves, without expecting anything in return. You’re rewarded with the great feeling you get from helping others,” he says.

Tony drives the van at Cashmere Heights Home once a fortnight to take the residents on outings for a few hours.

“It’s a constructive way to use your time if you have time to spare, and it takes a bit of pressure off the staff.”

Cashmere Heights Home recreation officer Wendy Sanderson says volunteers are essential to bringing variety to the lives of the residents.

“Volunteers bring more variety, excitement and different personalities to the home – it’s great.”

Enliven homes, such as Cashmere Heights Home and Cashmere Home in Johnsonville, Huntleigh Home in Karori and Longview Home in Tawa are always looking for new volunteers.

“We’re looking for volunteers who can donate an hour or two of their time every couple of weeks to do things with the residents.”

Volunteers can help by gardening with the residents, painting nails, visiting with animals, playing music, helping with the men’s group or other activities like crafts, board games, or simply spending one-on-one time with the residents.

“The volunteers who spend time with residents at our homes play an important part in keeping them active, both physically and mentally. Plus the residents have so much to share – both in terms of skills and amazing stories,” says Wendy.

To express your interest in becoming an Enliven volunteer click here.

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