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Volunteer learns English at Longview Home

Volunteer learns English at Longview Home

Longview Resident Joy Eeles and volunteer Jessica Bakos sharing stories together.
Longview Resident Joy Eeles and volunteer Jessica Bakos sharing stories together.

For 17-year-old German exchange student Jessica Bakos, volunteering at Enliven’s Longview Home means she can practice her English with people who have a lifetime of knowledge to share, and give back to the community at the same time.

“The residents here are very patient and willing to talk, so it’s a great way to learn and I thought it would be nice to give something back to New Zealand,” says Jessica.

Jessica has been in New Zealand for five months and is planning to stay another four before she heads back to Germany. She is studying at Tawa College and volunteering during the summer break.

“Volunteering means I’m able to meet people that I wouldn’t usually get the chance to meet, and work on my English.”
Jessica loves that her volunteer work at Longview Home means she has the chance to meet older Kiwis.

“I come twice a week to talk with the residents. Having the opportunity to engage with older people while I’m in New Zealand is great. We have different conversations to what I’d have with people from school.”

Longview recreation officer Marlene Bowles says volunteers are essential to bringing variety to the lives of the residents.

“The residents enjoy talking with Jessica and sharing their stories together. It truly brings smiles to their faces having her around.”

Marlene says Longview Home is always looking for volunteers who can donate an hour or two of their time every couple of weeks to do things with the residents.

“It’s amazing what a difference volunteers can make, even if they’re just coming in for an hour or two a week to chat with the residents.”

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