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‘Wow’ factor found at Enliven’s Woburn Apartments

‘Wow’ factor found at Enliven’s Woburn Apartments

Woburn Apartments resident Barbara enjoys her indoor/outdoor living.
Woburn Apartments resident Barbara Hunter enjoys her indoor/outdoor living.

Although the winter weather has arrived in recent weeks, residents of Enliven’s Woburn Apartments are praising the indoor-outdoor living made possible at the retirement apartments.

The apartments are specially designed to capture all day sun, all year round, meaning apartment dwellers enjoy true kiwi style indoor/outdoor living.

Resident Barbara Hunter believes nothing compares to the Enliven apartments, which she says are “not like a retirement village”.

“I love it here, I really do. It’s got the ‘wow factor’. Even my daughter says it’s a place she could live.”

Barbara says being able to enjoy modern kiwi outdoor living without worrying about property maintenance is what attracted her to move to Enliven’s Woburn Apartments.

“I’ve always had outdoor living and the deck is what attracted me to the place,” she explains.
Barbara says she enjoys the independent living of Enliven’s Woburn Apartments, although there is always help on hand if it’s needed.

“I like it here because it’s independent and you’re self-reliant. There’s a button to call the home next door [Enliven’s Woburn Home] if you need help, but there’s no difference between these apartments and a nice apartment complex elsewhere.”

Since moving to her one-bedroom apartment at Woburn Apartments in April last year, Barbara says she couldn’t be happier with her decision.

“I went from living in a big house with six people to just me living there by myself, so I decided it was time to move,” says Barbara.

“I thought I was going to miss my house because I had lived there for 49 years, but I’ve never looked back. It just felt so right here, it had everything I was looking for. Privacy, outdoor living and you can garden if you want to.”

She says although her apartment is smaller than the large family home she was used to, she finds it’s plenty big enough for her needs.

“The storage is fantastic, the bedroom is big enough to fit my queen bed and I’ve had about 15 people over for dinner out on the deck and it could easily fit more.”

For more information about Enliven’s Woburn Apartments, contact sale agent Allan Davidson on 04 439 4949 or click here.

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