About Us

Who we are

Presbyterian Support Central is part of a family of seven regional organisations under the Presbyterian Support New Zealand banner. Together we are the largest not-for-profit providers of health and social services in New Zealand.

Presbyterian Support is proud to be trusted by New Zealanders. After all we have been supporting and empowering people and communities for more than 100 years!

Uniquely, Presbyterian Support services spans a broad range of health and social services. We support children, young people, adults, elders and entire families, whānau and communities. The majority of these services are offered through Family Works and Enliven.

What we do

At Presbyterian Support Central we aim to improve the well being of communities by supporting people’s emotional, physical, cultural and spiritual needs through our quality aged-care and social services.

Family Works Central – Support for vulnerable children and families

Through Family Works services we work alongside children, young people, parents and families experiencing some of life’s most difficult and complex challenges.

Our vision is for Aotearoa New Zealand to be the best place in the world to grow up – a place where all children are safe, families are strong and communities are connected.

Family Works services include social work and advocacy, counseling and therapy, parenting education, mediation, mentoring and family violence prevention. Family Works qualified and professional team operate under a national practice framework and multi-disciplinary model known as Te Ara Whanau, the Family Solutions model.

For more information about Family Works Central’s services visit www.familyworkscentral.org.nz

Enliven Central – Support for our community’s elders

Through Enliven we create elder-centered communities that support older people to have companionship, choice and independence, fun and variety, a sense of belonging, meaningful activity and purpose.

Enliven is about much more than simply designing, developing and operating unique rest homes and retirement villages and offering top quality care and support; in addition we tailor our support and services, recognising the individual and what’s important to them.

For more information about Enliven Central’s services visit www.enlivencentral.org.nz.

Locally delivered. Nationally supported.

Operating under a federation structure, the seven regional Presbyterian Support organisations (including Presbyterian Support Central) are governed, managed and operated separately in order to best respond to local needs. The seven organisations come together under the Presbyterian Support federation to share information, best practice ideas and, where possible, to share resources.

The PSNZ National Council includes the Board Chair and Chief Executive from each regional organisation, as well as the National Executive Officer.

Visit the PSNZ website for more information.

The Presbyterian Support logo

PSC LogoThe Presbyterian Support logo is based on a stylised S for support. But the logo is not just about our organisation – it’s symbolic of our interaction with, commitment to, and integration in the community.

The flowing design shows activity and life. It reflects our openness, availability and interactions.

The white bands represent the community, while the blue represents Presbyterian Support. The solid blue base depicts our services with the blue bands becoming thinner towards the top, reflective of people’s dependency on our services reducing over time. It’s about people entering our services, being helped up, and growing, developing and moving back out into the community. It’s symbolic of our catch cry – creating positive and lasting change.