Ann Sinclair Charitable Trust

Supporting agricultural students and Christian youth camps.

Funding for Farming & Agriculture Students

The Ann Sinclair Charitable Trust provides funds to assist farming students, including those wishing to study any form of farming such as agriculture, horticulture, orcharding and animal husbandry. Support may be provided for education, travel and accommodation expenses when studying at a tertiary educational institution.

Grants will only be given to students living in or studying in the PSC regions. Priority will be given to students who may need extra assistance due to health or financial concerns, or who would otherwise not readily have access to tertiary study for farming.


Funding for Christian Youth Camps

The Ann Sinclair Charitable Trust also provides funds for people and organisations who wish to establish and/or conduct Christian youth camps. This includes funding for camp organisers who intend to provide bible classes, youth groups, children’s homes or other holidays and/or retreats for any Christian denomination. Grants are intended to be given to Christian youth camping events where participants live within the PSC regions.

How do I apply?

We’ve made it easy for you to apply for the Ann Sinclair Charitable Trust. Everything you need is right here online – simply follow the steps below.

There are are two categories for applying to the Trust: Tertiary Students and Christian Organisations. Select the category that applies to you and then follow the steps to complete your application form. If you’d like to discuss your application, please contact our support team at any time.

All applications must be submitted by October 31.

Student grant

For tertiary students who wants to be trained in any aspect of farming and agriculture.

Organisation grant

For organisations belonging to any Christian denomination establishing and/or conducting Christian youth Camps.

Grant guidelines

For more information on the objectives and guidelines of this fund, view the Ann Sinclair Charitable Trust Guidelines.

Before commencing each application you will be asked whether you have completed a Grant Evaluation Form for the previous year’s grant (if this is applicable) and a link will be provided on the application form. Click on the relevant category below to view the Grant Evaluation form.

View the Student Grant Evaluation form

View the Organisation Grant Evaluation form


About Ann Sinclair

Ann Sinclair was born at Pirinoa, Wairarapa in the early 1860’s to Scottish settlers Katherine McCallum and Donald Sinclair. She was one of seven children to the couple. The family purchased hundreds of acres of farmland in the south Wairarapa and developed strong ties with local Maori.

On 12 April 1957, Miss Ann Sinclair signed a deed setting up her farm as a home for training boys in the practice of farming. Initially, boys were trained on the farm, but only a couple could be helped at one time.

In 1983, Hon Mr Justice O’Regan approved a variation to the Trust – the farm was sold and the funds invested. The fund is managed by PSC with the aim of supporting young people in training for all types of farming.