Family Works Central

Safe children. Strong families. Connected communities.

Family Works’ vision is for Aotearoa NZ to be the best place in the world to grow up a place where all tamariki are safe, families and whānau are strong and communities are connected.

Our unique way of working, known as Te Ara Whānau (Family Solutions), is strengths-based and solutions focussed. We engage the whole whānau and provide support services for both the individuals and family unit.

Family Works approach is flexible and non-judgemental; we build on the skills and resources clients already have. Visit Family Works Central’s website


We offer a wide range of social services including:

Mediation and dispute resolution
Family Works’ mediation services help families reach agreement on parenting arrangements after (or during) a separation or divorce, without the need to go to court. This makes things much less stressful for everyone involved, especially the children, by avoiding the delays, conflict and expense that the court process can entail.

Counselling and therapy
Family Works supportive counsellors provide an unbiased ear to listen to your concerns.  We offer counselling for individuals, including children, young people and adults, as well as couples, families and groups.

Social work and advocacy
Our qualified and experienced social workers help families that are facing life’s most difficult challenges. We support people in the community to work through complex problems and emotions in a positive way. We also provide advocacy and advice to make sure families are getting the right support in the right way.

Parenting education and support
We offer a variety of group programmes covering topics such as understanding the behaviour of your kids or teens and communicating with them, happy parenting principles and strategies for managing challenging behaviours.

Family violence prevention and safety
We offer a range of specialist family violence safety programmes and support services that are designed to provide flexible, personalised support to make positive life changes and feel safe again.

Youth mentoring
Our youth workers, also known as kaitautoko whānau, are role models and trusted mentors who walk alongside teenagers to listen, support, encourage and guide through difficult times. We offer a wide range of youth mentoring, counselling and support services tailored for young people.