Fundraise for PSC

Every day people just like you are fundraising for causes they are passionate about. Their support makes a big difference.

“We raised money and collected new toys and presents for kids who wouldn’t be getting Christmas presents, then Family Works delivered them in time for Christmas day. We know it put a huge smile on their faces.”

“Our church group held a concert to raise money for the local rest home. It was lots of fun and truly rewarding to see the residents having a lovely time because of the money we raised.”

Fundraising ideas

There are many fun and exciting ways you can support Presbyterian Support Central raise much needed funds. Here are a few ideas.

Have a garage sale

You know what they say – one person’s trash is another treasure. Consider getting rid of your unwanted clutter by having a garage sale on behalf of Presbyterian Support Central. If you don’t think you have enough to have your own garage sale – consider selling items on Trade Me or getting a group of people together.

Run a raffle or sausage sizzle

Raffles and sausage sizzles as fundraisers have been around for a long time…because they work! Consider approaching local businesses for prizes, vouchers or food. They’re often very willing to help out a good cause, and it’s great publicity for them too! Remember, raffles and lotteries with a prize worth $500 or more need a special license from the Department of Internal Affairs.

School or workplace mufti day

Run a mufti day where people make a donation to take part…and an even bigger donation not to! You can make it as extreme as you like – wear your PJs to work day anyone?

Run an event

Organise an event and ask people to make a donation in exchange for a ticket. Quiz nights, movie nights and silent auctions are always popular. Approach local businesses to ask for their support, sponsorship or donations of product, a venue or time.

Do an event

Feeling active? Take part in a fun run, triathlon or even an ‘odd-jobs’ marathon and collect donations on behalf of PSC

Give something up

Ask people to sponsor you for giving up something for a period of time. No internet for a week? No chocolate for a month?

We can help

While we don’t have the ability to attend every fundraising event, there is lots we can do to help and to promote your event. If you would like to discuss your fundraising idea with us, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you! We can be contacted on freephone 0508 TO HELP (0508 86 4357) or via email at