Trainee nurse Rachael enjoys being there for the residents

Kowhainui Home nurse Rachael Morris is enjoying her First Year of Practice introductory programme.

Rachael Morris has almost completed her First Year of Practice programme at Enliven’s Kowhainui Home and enjoys the connections she has made.

Rachael decided to pursue nursing after an 18-year career as a professional jockey.

“I’ve always had an affinity for healing and helping people,” she says of her change in career path.

Working at the home in Otamatea, Rachael says she has made some good connections with the residents.

“I really like the person-centred care we do here. It’s not just about us, it’s about the residents – and that’s really important to me.”

After completing her training at UCOL Whanganui, Rachael initially worked as a health care assistant at a different aged care facility before deciding to undertake the First Year of Practice (FYOP) programme at Kowhainui Home.

The FYOP programme runs for six months and is for nurses who have recently graduated, explains Enliven Clinical Director Joy Tlapi.

“This is our opportunity to grow them, mentor them and support them.”

Rachael is due to complete the programme in February and says it has given her more confidence in herself.

“It’s like a mini apprenticeship. It gives you more of a base to work off what you have already learned.”

She says the programme gives participants the opportunity to get up to speed with how things are run in an Enliven home.

“You’ve got the back-up of the team behind you,” she explains. “If you’ve got any questions you know you can go and ask because you’re still learning.”

Enliven is always on the look out for great nurses to join the team. If you, or someone you know is looking for a nursing role, visit or email to find out more.

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