Volunteer Callum likes making people smile

Volunteer Callum chats with Kandahar Home resident John.

Callum pops into Kandahar Home in Masterton every Sunday to spend time with residents and have a chat. 

The 11-year-old started volunteering at the home in July as part of the William Pike Challenge – which requires students to do 20 hours’ community work. 

“I really enjoy it,” Callum says. “The chances are that after I’ve completed the 20 hours here, I will continue to come in here every Sunday.”

Callum’s dad works for mobility and medical supplies company Arjo and frequently visits the home for deliveries, so he asked them if there was anything Callum could do there. 

During the July school holidays, Callum came in more often and helped the recreation team run some activities. 

“I really like making people smile – that’s why I wanted to come here,” he says.  

“It makes your day when you see people enjoying the activities and having a good time.” 

Callum says taking the time to chat to the residents means he has also learned some interesting stories. 

“They enjoy that I listen to them. It not only makes their day; it makes my day too.” 

Kandahar Home manager Peter Newman says they would love more volunteers who are keen to come into the home and spend one-to-one time with residents.

“They can chat with them or read a book or the paper to them.”

Kandahar Home and sister site, Kandahar Court, are both located in Lansdowne, Masterton. To find out more about the homes and the elder-centred Enliven philosophy, visit www.enlivencentral.org.nz. You can also call the homes directly on 06 370 0447 (Kandahar Home) or 06 370 0449 (Kandahar Court).

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