Our Purpose and Philosophy

Presbyterian Support Central’s Purpose

Presbyterian Support Central (PSC) exists to support and empower people, families and communities, particularly those in need.

Our philosophy, regardless of the service, takes a holistic and person-centred approach. We believe a person’s physical, spiritual, emotional, and cultural needs are equally important.


To be the first choice provider of aged-care and social services in a caring and compassionate society.


In response to the teachings of Christ we will provide social services that effectively meet the needs of those we help.


While PSC operates as a stand alone social services provider, we share strong heritage with the Presbyterian Church and have a common value set.

  • RESPECT: We have respect for all people.
  • COMPASSION: We have compassion for those in need.
  • SELFLESSNESS: We put our clients’ interests before our own
  • HOLISTIC: We are dedicated to meeting our clients’ spiritual, physical and social needs.
  • PASSIONATE: We have passion for our purpose.
  • PROFESSIONAL: We are professional, honest and have integrity in our actions.
  • ACTIVE: We are resourceful and responsive.
  • EXCELLENCE: We strive to continuously improve.


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Central’s Purpose poster.

Presbyterian Support Central’s Strategic Priorities

Our strategic priorities for 2016-2020 are:

  • Strong and sustainable services.
  • Developing and maintaining Presbyterian Support Central’s property portfolio.
  • A strong team culture that enables our people to deliver excellence.
  • Efficient and effective systems and processes.
  • Prudent financial and operational management.
  • A positive and robust health, safety and wellbeing culture.

Our Purpose

Empowering people, families and communities.